BrandProphets – an apparel design, branding and production management agency – was founded in 2005 by brothers Joseph and Thomas Bozzella. With forty years of industry experience* between them, many spent building and managing their own successful fashion brands, the duo have developed a keen talent for identifying a brand’s potential and maximizing its return for clients.

BrandProphets maximizes this return in three ways:

BrandCreate – Creating new brands that broaden, compel and excite our clients’ existing customer bases;

BrandExpand – Expanding existing brands’ reach into new and as yet unexplored territories and/or product groups and opening new avenues of growth by successfully expanding our clients’ non-apparel brands into the world of fashion;

BrandRenew – Re-engaging clients’ customer bases by injecting new energy into and improving the execution of underperforming brands.

BrandProphets’ diverse portfolio enables the company to serve the youth market with deft precision. As trends drive individual lifestyle segments within this broader category, BrandProphets is uniquely poised to identify, nourish and maximize their potential and to pass on these benefits to our clients and their customers.


* 1993 – Found Scene Not Herd, Inc. and start selling their t-shirt brand No Joke at New York City Street fairs. They expand the business by incorporating licenses into their offerings eventually securing the rights to Popeye, Blondie, Hagar the Horrible, Krazy Kat and Henry. Later they add Bill Cosby’s autobiographical cartoon Fat Albert then expand to motion pictures including Jaws and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

1997 – Found Varcity, a full-fledged apparel collection. They build the brand into a significant player in the urban apparel market. They expand their distribution coast to coast and internationally including Asia, Europe and Canada. In 2002, they make their first foray into ladies with Lady Varcity.

2005 – Found BrandProphets, and have since created numerous new brands for client partners (BrandCreate) – including poligraff, wasHHaus, Major Malfunction, Sewnwell, M. 8ighty and STM – helped several non-apparel client partners explore expansion into fashion, and fashion brands expand their category offerings (BrandExpand) – including Canadian Tire, SushiSamba, Vans, Cult of Individuality, Headrush and Caisson – and revitalized many more (BrandRenew) – including Ecko, Varcity, Logik and Avirex.